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Software PLUS (Packaged Licenses, Upgrades, and Support) is a hybrid of the perpetual license model (purchase a license, self hosted, pay for upgrades, pay as you go support, larger infrequent upgrades) and Software As a Service (hosted on the web, includes upgrades, includes support, more frequent minor updates with new features). There are pros and cons to both models, and we feel that Software PLUS includes many of the benefits of both perpetual and SaaS licenses without many of the drawbacks!

Here is what you get with Software PLUS:


Better manage your software budget needs by knowing what your recurring costs are up front. And in addition, software subscriptions are generally able to be written off entirely within the current year whereas perpetual licenses require depreciation over several years.
With quarterly, semi-annual, and annual terms available, you can choose whichever subscription term best fits your needs.
Choose your needed licenses: Increase or decrease the number of licenses you need at renewal.


When you subscribe you have instant access to the latest software version.
More frequent updates. No waiting a year or more for new features.
When new updates are available you get to choose when to install: Right away or after your busy season.
Atrex is self hosted entirely at your site, giving you complete control and additional security over your data.


Access to phone, remote connection, and email support by experienced senior technicians.
Rest assured that anyone can contact support on your behalf and receive the help they need without needing a credit card.


Have questions? You most likely do. Here are answers to the questions we hear most frequently:

+ What do I get with Software PLUS?
Simplicity. Access to all new versions of Atrex as they become available without having to pay for each individual release and access to technical support without having to pay at time of service.
+ Are there any setup or buy-in costs?
No, just the subscription licensing fees.
+ Does Software PLUS require Internet?
No. You will only need Internet access to download the software and obtain your registration key. Both of which can be done from any computer, even one you don't run Atrex on. While using Atrex Internet access is only required to use functions that specifically require it such as email and address look up.
+ With frequent updates, will I be forced to update my software every time?
While it is important to keep your software updated, you have complete control over when updates are installed.
+ What happens if I don’t renew my Atrex subscription?
Licenses expire at the end of the subscription term unless renewed. The data that you entered is still accessible for reporting after expiration, but the program will not allow new data to be created.
+ Is support unlimited?
We’d like it to be, but every customer's needs are different. While we don't have a hard fixed amount of support included, we provide what we call a "reasonable" level of standard support for general assistance with the product. In the rare instance where someone requires an excessive level of support beyond what is reasonable, we will charge for the excessive support as appropriate. As always, standard support does not include training (we have self-help tools for that), AR/AP/Banking account reconciliation, customization, hardware or network setup, and data repair.
+ I don't want/need support so why should I have to pay for it?
We've heard that before. In fact, we've even said it about some of the software we use. In the end support is like insurance: you hope you never need it but when you do, you want to know you're well covered.

History has shown us that pay-per-service support doesn't work: customers don't like it, it slows down the support process, users spend an inordinate amount of time trying to avoid paying for support sometimes even making the issue worse, and it doesn't cover our costs. The subscription model allows us to have experienced senior support technicians answer phone calls and emails.
+ Can I purchase the software outright?
No, Software PLUS is the only licensing option.

Still have questions? Contact us and we'll be happy to answer any additional questions that you may have.

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